Thursday, March 8, 2012


     INCOMING MAIL ASKING FOR DONATIONS to save this or that usually gives me a chuckle; but not as large a laugh [with also a bitter tear to the eye] because unfortunates and dupes will get sucked into these money-grubbing schemes. Unfortunately, these days, schoolchildren are the first victims who fall for the snake oil, because they've been indoctrinated with movies, reports, and synthesized anecdotes, etc. at school which have been either subtly pushed or even peer-pressured into supple minds. Teachers today, with not one ounce of sound scientific education are peddling Al Gore's "Earth In The Balance" among other media-guesses, which are fundamentally unscientific dribble.
     ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY. Not a one of us should ignore the corporate jets, air-conditioned offices in high-rent districts in major cities, lobbying expenses, travel expenses, food allowances and etc, in which these self-proclaimed do-gooders [supposedly SAVING this animal, their mother-earth or that plant] are wallowing in fiduciary excesses. It is obscene to say the least. As a side note, remember when Al Gore told us that gasoline rising to $6 or $7 per gallon would wean us off evil petroleum, the extraction of which, is marring our sacred earth mother.
     SEVERAL YEARS AGO, MY BRIDE WON an all-expenses-paid weekend vacation from a Radio Station in Ellsworth, to go to Bar Harbor near Acadia National Park for two at one of the finest hotels, located close to the College of the Atlantic [noted for its earth-sensitive so-called environmentalism]. We saw how the "other half, " or better yet, the 1-percent lives. At breakfast-time, we sauntered over to another seaside adjoining mansion to imbibe in fresh squeezed juices, the rarest Colombian coffee and specially prepared eggs, waffles, pancakes, and muffins. The place was -- our unfortunate luck -- crawling with pine-cone crunchers, tree-huggers, and enviro-freaks. They were living in the lap of luxury at the expense the many small donations from hard-working people who had been fooled into thinking every penny of their contributions was going to save Smokey the Bear, Sammy the Seal, Willy the Whale or whatever other animal, planet, or plant one could envision. When in fact, this was just yet another "conference" which these spoiled viro-vendors use to indulge themselves in by mutually stroking each other with ultra-Gaea conservationist intonations and incantations pivoting around their dogmatic earth-religion-worship.
     WHEN THINKING OF "EARTH FIRST"... wrap your discerning minds around a bumper sticker which we all see from time to time. Average thinking people have figured these Earth First folks for sure. The sticker to most of us should read: "Earth First, We'll Log The Other Planets Later." I believe that if but one vaccine dose was left on earth which could be used to save a life, and the choice were between an Atlantic Puffin or a little sick child... the Earth First extremists would give it to the puffin and watch the little child die.
     PETA [People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals], which most rational humans rather think of as: People Eating Tasty Animals, which we do discern that eating the protein from animals is as natural as natural can be for us human beings, which is species perfect along with other natural omnivores on the planet. As an example: a lobster's brain is the same size as a mosquito's brain; so go ahead with wild abandon, and boil up a couple bugs for suppah. There have additionally been scientific studies which clearly indicate that carrots actually feel vegetarian-chemical pain when uprooted. Put that in your PETA pipe and smoke it.
     ALL THE LAND PRESERVERS AND SAVERS... continually chant the mantra that not enough of the United States is "saved." Hard fact, there is actually more forested land today in the United States than there was when Christopher Columbus tippy-toed onto Guanahani Island in 1492. Remember, native Americans purposefully burned the entire mid-western and western states every year or so, to keep prairie grazing fresh for buffalo and other native herbivores. Here in Maine, most of the Pine Tree State is either preserved, saved, conserved, and/or pickled for all eternity and then-some by the federal government, state government, Appalachian Trail, a multitude of Conservation Trusts, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, National Park Service, state parks, Maine Coast Heritage Trust, Ducks Unlimited, Island Preservation System, Land Trust Complexes, National Wildlife Refuges, National, State and Private Preserves, Conservation Easements, and etc. Nonetheless, Roxanne Quimby of Bert's Bees is instigating a brand new National Park idea to gobble a big chunk out of the middle of Maine. She represents the Brunhilda with horns in coalition with the other marauding Enviro-Valkyries who want to destroy our productive woodlands from being productively renewable; and then becoming dead tourist museums. The other Valkyries include groups such as: "Save the Coyotes", "Save the Wolves", "Save the Furbisher Lousewort", "Save the Lichen", "Save the Spotted Owl", "Save the Snail-darter", "Save the Appalachian Trail from human beings", "Save Mt. Katahdin trails from human beings", "Save Heaths from human beings" or "Save Sears Island from human beings", to name just a few.
     "SAVE THE POLAR BEAR" SAVIORS just got caught with egg on their face. Turns out there are many more polar bears in the wild than the purposefully under-reported few they have thusfar been claiming, in order to create the endangered species scenario and coeval yet necessary money-collecting scheme.
     WHAT SEEMS TO EVADE MODERN ENVIRONMENTAL SAVIORS is that the earth is an ever changing, evolving globe in a galaxy of ever expanding creation. Differing and countless species come and go. Species extinction itself IS A NATURAL PROCESS. Global cooling and global warming are yet just more natural cycles which continue to come and go; in which we human beings -- basically earth-affecting piss-ants -- can do little to nothing in bringing about or stopping. It's all natural and part of earth's own, self-sustaining, and created inter-environmentally meshing genius
     PRESIDENT OBAMA credited as being a thinker, has swallowed the electric car hogwash. The Chevy "Volt" is just the beginning in the unraveling of electric cars. Recharging electric cars using electrical grids that burn any form of fossil fuel, including coal, are less efficient, and also outputs a large carbon footprint. It's better to use gasoline. Here in Maine, our electricity from BANGOR HYDRO ELECTRIC is produced by burning oil which is shipped up the Penobscot River. Some "hydro" that!
     MOST CONTRARY OF ALL are the environmental squeelers who don't want wind turbines near their counties, towns, or viewsheds. They publicly worship wind and solar power; but the truth be told, Not In Their Own Back Yards.
     THIS CURRENT CROP OF "SAVIORS" OF THE EARTH have one viewpoint fairly much agreed upon. They generally deny that Jesus Christ of Nazareth SAVED the earth and all of us inhabitants once and for all on a terrible Friday upon Calvary's hill back in 33 A.D. To these current saviors of whatever, it's supposed to be up to us lowly plebians in handing over our hard-earned pennies to their modern charades about SAVING the earth or anything else they concoct. Rather than being hornswoggled, count me among those who firmly believe in the plain-spoken wisdom of Mahalia Jackson who sang the old spiritual "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands."

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