Tuesday, February 21, 2012

THE SKY IS FALLING SAYS CHICKEN LITTLE: Since the end of the world draws near, repent!!!

     THE CARTOON WE'VE ALL SEEN of a man carrying a sign reading "Repent, the End is Near" is used oftentimes in magazines and periodicals. We can correctly predict this is the best definition of the word 'ubiquitous.' Among the earliest end-of-time predictors was Saint Malachy [1094 - 1148] writing a complete list of 112 future Bishops of Rome [Popes] from 1139 until the end of the world. According to Malachy, using short Latin phrases, the current Pope, Benedict XVI, is second to last; with the last being: "Petrus Romanus" or Peter the Roman, whose very pontificate is the imminent-harbinger of Rome's and the world's destruction.

     NOSTRADAMUS' QUATRAINS written by Michel de Nostredame [1503 - 1566], also in Latin, can easily be interpreted and reinterpreted to mean just about anything; and since they're jumbled all about in no chronological order... who can actually gather any time-frame logic to them?

     SIR ISAAC NEWTON [1643 - 1727] is noted for his scientific records; however, he also was an ardent student of Hebrew/Jewish prophecy as found in the Old Testament. Newton predicted that the earth we live on will come to an end in the year 2060 A.D. Advisory note: Don't hold your breath.

     THEN CAME WILLIAM MILLER [1782 - 1849], a Baptist preacher and believer in Adventism predicting that October 22, 1844 would be the end of the world. "Millerites" and other followers of Miller believed in his predicted 'end' so they sold all their possessions and waited for October 22. The day is known today as the "Day of Great Disappointment." Many Millerites were disillusioned and became either Seventh-day Adventists or gave up Adventism altogether. A substantial number of Millerites became Quakers.

     WHO CAN FORGET HAROLD EGBERT CAMPING [1921 - 2011] the American Christian radio broadcaster who predicted the world would end on May 21, 1988, then again on September 6, 1994; and finally on October 21, 2011. Mr. Camping's personal end came at the age of 89 on May 21, 2011, a day he did not predict. It should be understood that the predicting business is a fairly dicey jab.

     MAYAN CALENDAR followers are presently reminding us all that the end of the world will be December 21, 2012. Think of it as only about 200 more shopping days until DOOMSDAY. The background for this doomsday prediction is found in Mexico's state of Tobasco in the city of Villahermosa inside El Museo Regional de Anthropologia de Carlos Pellicer Camara. Upstairs in this museum rests three rectangular slab-stones depicting "Lord Jaguar" Ahau Balam who was born in 612, A.D. and ruled from 644 to 679 A.D. The actual doomsday prediction is taken from the final passage of the stone figures which boil down to eight carved characters that are crumbled and not very clear. They are most currently interpreted as: "The thirteenth baktun will end on the day 4 Ajaw; three K'ank'in; Will occur the descent of the god Bolom Hokte." Better and more esoterically soaked brains than most of us make this final connection between doomsday and the descent of Bolom Hokte, whoever he is. Search me how this forebodes the end of earth...

    OR IF YOU LISTEN TO PILLOW TALK as I do from my bride of 44 years who is a registered Republican: The world will end as we know it during the late hours of November 6, 2012 if Barack Hussein Obama proclaims he's been reelected president.

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