Monday, June 4, 2012


    Let's consider that a group of people join together in a venture. Some invest money, time and effort in this enterprise. They gather at the end of a business or fiscal accounting cycle and hold a meeting to see if there needs to be changes, tweaks, and/or a major overhaul of the venture. Who should have the right of a vote in any direction to be taken for continuity of such an enterprise?

     This is the exact/fundamental question many are asking today about what's happening to our ballots, voting machines and chad-punches in our ballot-boxes all across the United States.

     When the founding fathers argued this question, it was proposed that only natural-born, and/or citizen landholders would have the right to vote in our Republic. It was decided that only citizens: both native-born or legally naturalized citizens would be eligible to vote.

     Some of you might remember when vice president Richard M. Nixon and Senator John F. Kennedy campaigned before the electorate asking to be chosen to the high office of the United States presidency, that it was settled by Democrat Mayor Richard J. Daley of Chicago who delivered a spurious amount of Illinois votes in Cook County which gave Kennedy [surprise, surprise: another Democrat] the office. Nothing new in Chicago and Cook County: Dead men and women voted. Non-existing people voted. Some zephyrous creatures voted early and often.

     Here in Maine, we have out-of-state people check into motels around Portland, Lewiston, Augusta and Waterville who then vote for their candidate; and then check out of the motels the day of the election after they've voted by driving back to their home States. They're not even residents of Maine.

     We hear of stories in the South-land and in southwestern states that illegal aliens, foreigners with visas, imprisoned criminals and imaginary/invented people have been voting in state-wide and national elections.

     Here's the proposition. First of all: Only U.S. citizens who are native-born and/or legally naturalized citizens should enjoy the privilege of a vote. And to make our national venture of FREE ENTERPRISE to continue in a sound, honest, true, and fiscal direction... we should prove it to the ballot clerks that we are one or the other. Positive proof with a birth certificate and/or naturalization papers. No exceptions. No profiling. Just legal voters, freely exercising their voting rights; and thus protecting each and every American vote.

    Secondly: Let's also begin to consider the these U.S. Shareholders further prove it by presenting copies of taxes paid that they themselves have invested with local, state and federal taxes. These Americans are true shareholders in our Free Enterprise Republic who have given their labor and/or time and money. After all, labor is time and money.

    U.S. WORKERS, UNITE. We should NEVER allow illegal aliens, foreigners, criminals, political hacks, political mafia-bosses, carpetbaggers and dead people anywhere near our ballot clerks in an attempt to smudge, smear and sully a true and clean election on election day. What have we got to lose? Only our sacred national inheritance our founders gave us: One man, one vote.

     Surely Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, Republicans and Greens should all be able to agree that only verifiable U.S. citizen shareholders can rightfully and legally determine the direction and outcome of our Republic's future enterprise.

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