Tuesday, February 22, 2011


     As snow and gales swirl around the cabin, it's reassuring to know that former vice president Albert Armand Gore believes all of us on earth are inevitably headed into his dogmatic yet theoretical belief system of  a "global warming" scenario. Indeed it would be a welcomed relief for my heating and plowing budget; plus a break on my aging back.
     Nonetheless, the winters in the past few years have been extremely harsh with bitter cold in many parts of both northern and southern hemispheres of this old globe, despite the theory of warming. Not surprisingly, astute politicians such as Barack Hussein Obama, and John McCain sing a new tune rather than follow the melody which Albert Armand is piping. Instead of "global warming," the smart pols repeatedly intone:
"climate change." Guess is, they're hedging their bets.
     Centuries-old winter records have been decimated all over cities of this earth, and one is reminded that although it feels as though we're most definitely headed into another ice age, the global warming theorists religiously and relentlessly maintain: "Global warming will make snowstorms more severe."
     The biggest snowfall in a century has buried cities in South Korea as the coldest winter in years grips the Korean peninsula. To those brave American veterans who fought in Korea, we remember well the cold you endured while on frozen duty those many decades ago. Also sending a salute to U.S. military now serving in frigid Korea today.
     Hundreds of southeast Korean motorists were stranded and dozens of buildings collapsed after more than three feet of snow fell in one storm, which was then followed by another major snow storm. North Korea recorded its coldest January in 26 years.
     Scientists are still trying to figure out why some glaciers are receding; while others both in India and the rest of the Asian continent are growing in size.
     One sure bet is that if you're an educator/scientist attempting to attract a government grant, you better stick to the "global warming" concept -- and expound profusely upon that warming theoretical stuff -- if you desire to have a snowball's chance in the arctic of keeping your tenure and also acquiring the grant money. When you use the proper and politically-correct global warming words, you'll be lucratively attractive, just like a snowball rolling downhill in wet and sticky snow.
    Earth's temperatures and long range weather  patterns are determined in large part by the cyclic explosions of the sun [i.e. sunspots]. What man can or cannot accomplish with carbon footprinting is minuscule -- a pissant's puddle -- compared to one little Krakatoa or Mount St. Helen.
     Remember, you read it here first: "Our earth is entering yet another ice age." You can quote me on this.
      U.S. National Intelligence Director, James Clapper, on Feburary 9th during a hearing on Capitol Hill described the Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, in terms of an organization which has "pursued social ends" and a "betterment of political order." To Clapper, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is "a very heterogeneous group largely secular, which has eschewed violence."
     The Obama administration has attempted backtracking on this Clapper statement since then. What is shameful for sure is how absolutely ignorant our own National Intelligence Director is and how he would so misrepresent the goals and purpose of this Islamist group.
     In contradiction to Clapper's confusion of the Muslim Brotherhood, stands former director of the CIA, Robert James Woolsey who held his post from February 1993 until January 1995. He is a native of Tulsa OK, and a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Stanford. He also earned an M.A. from Oxford where he was a Rhodes Scholar; and he additionally earned an L.L.B. from Yale Law School.
     Woolsey opened many eyes mid-February when he spoke about the Muslim Brotherhood this way: "The Brotherhood practices 'takia' or lying to infidels with grace and ease. We have to understand that we are in a war here -- certainly with the terrorists; certainly with Al Qaida; certainly with Hamas and Hezbollah. We're also at war, with no choice of our own, with those who want to, over the long run, impose Shariah [Islamic law] upon us. And it is one of the toughest fights we have ever had or will have, because Americans are used to religious liberty and not criticizing one another's religions."
    The senior Muslim Brotherhood leader here in the United States, Mohamed Akram, spoke in 1991 of the "settlement process" to establish themselves inside the U.S. Once established, to undertake a "grand jihad" characterized as a "civilization jihad," and specifically, the settlement process is to "eliminate and destroy western civilization from within and sabotage its miserable house of their hands by hands of believers so that it is eliminated."
     Just after the scramble for power in Egypt, on February 12th, the Muslim Brotherhood's spokesman in Cairo, Abdul Fattah said the Muslim Brotherhood was seeking "the preservation of honor" which includes stoning adulterers, punishing gays, requiring Muslim women to cover their heads and shoulders in public, and killing Muslims who leave their faith.
     Director James Woolsey explains: "If you're opposed to Sharia and the beating of women and killing of apostates, you are not an Islamophobe."
     Both disconnects: the global warming theory and the kinder and gentler Muslim Brotherhood theory make for one bitter winter of frozen cranial matter.

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